Why Do you Need a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel?

Did you have a positive Covid test as of late and need to travel? 

Well, if you have a positive Covid test result within a recent half year, you can get a Covid Recovery Certificate to travel. A few nations acknowledge declarations that confirm COVID-19 recovery (inside the beyond 180 days) before a permit to enter a country.  

Get your recovery certificate online and adhere to the directions. You will receive your advanced authentication using email within 3 hours or less, so, no need to get into queues and complete access to your vaccination status. 

Verification of recovery shows that you recently attempted a positive result for Covid. You might require this verification to make a trip to a country outside the EU region. 

Conditions for Proof of Recovery Certificate for Travel

To utilize your evidence of recovery to travel, you can do this if you get tested positive:

  • on a test directed by the metropolitan wellbeing administration (GGD);

  • on a test directed by the professional test providers, and that test supplier provides a recovery certificate to the GGD on your behalf; 

  • something like 11 days prior;

  • not longer than 180 days prior.

Positive Covid Test

If your test is positive and you need a recovery certificate, get the help of VitalChecks. They provide a digital recovery certificate within 3 hours through email. You can get the certificate in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1

First, you need to fill out an easy 5-minute questionnaire, mostly related to your covid recovery, and no need to get an appointment for this.

Step 2

Next, submit your recent positive test report between 180 days


Step 3

Within 3 hours, you will get your covid recovery certificate through email. Our certified doctors will thoroughly enquire about the report and send your certificate. 

Since serological tests are not that sufficiently exact, you can't demonstrate that you have recovered from COVID-19 with these types of tests.

These tests are not generally delicate enough to show an individual's degree of resistance, and the outcome doesn't show when the contamination happened. Evidence of recovery is legitimate for 180 days from the day of the positive test.

Legitimacy Verification of Recovery

About 180 days after your positive experimental outcome, your verification of recuperation will presently not be legitimate. To go forward, you should get one portion of the vaccination (for evidence) or have the option to show negative test results.

What is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

The Covid Recovery Certificate is proof that you can get when you are positive for Covid-19 and expected to have coronavirus in your body. This implies your body is not ready for any future health crisis since your immune system is weak due to the virus. 

Who is Eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate?

People who are positive for COVID within the recent 180 days and who have not had any signs or symptoms of COVID over the most recent seven days are qualified for a COVID-19 Recovery Certificate.

You should submit replies to a rundown of inquiries and qualified transfer evidence of a Positive Covid testament, legitimate in no less than a half year from when the sample was taken. This can be a PCR or Antigen Lateral Flow test. Whenever we have accepted your certificate, we will check and mail a recovery certificate within 3 hours.

Which Covid Testing Methods are Recognized to Earn the Covid Proof of Recovery?

PCR tests are OK in certain nations. While others will receive the sample was not taken without anyone else by certified medical care proficient and a licensed supplier. VitalChecks don't acknowledge test tape photos. They provide authentic recovery certificates to their clients.


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